A rookie cop with a few bullets to spare

from by Archangel

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All of a sudden, I felt this burning pain piercing through my chest, interrupting my thoughts. It felt as though someone had shoved a red hot rod sizzling through my heart. I screamed and looked down to find a neatly circular bullet hole. The sound of the ricochet echoed through the empty park and so did the words, “Get down on your knees or I will be forced to shoot you again!” I knew that running at this point wasn’t exactly an option, and neither was fighting back. I fell down to my knees, with a tear in my eye. I screamed back, “It wasn’t me, please give me a chance to explain”. A rookie cop with a few bullets to spare, and I’m just a cold hearted punk for all they care, a through and through wound was the least of their concerns. Before I could even finish my plea, I heard another shot go off. I could feel my head spinning and everything slowly fade to black.


from Blur, released January 22, 2015




Archangel Wolverhampton, UK

Archangel is a one man project started by me, Sriki from Bangalore, a metropolitan city in southern India. The kind of music I make has a ton of influences, and all in all tends to focus on delivering mild to heavy riffs in an incredibly atmospheric setting. You can call it progressive metal with a hint of ambience. ... more

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