It was time I dealt with me myself

from by Archangel

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As I sat there, gazing quietly into the distance, alone with my thoughts, I could see things a bit more clear now. The adrenaline surge had come down, and I was able to recall things prior to my waking up in an unfamiliar place. This was the first time I woke up in the middle of a dream, unlike before where my dreams generally had solid conclusions. Things started coming back to me. I recalled some violent imagery; hitting and stabbing two people right through their chest with a hunting knife, repeatedly, and then dialing for help. As convoluted as it may be, things were beginning to make more sense now. It was time I came into grips with my alter ego I suppressed many moons ago. It was time I dealt with me myself.


from Blur, released January 22, 2015




Archangel Wolverhampton, UK

Archangel is a one man project started by me, Sriki from Bangalore, a metropolitan city in southern India. The kind of music I make has a ton of influences, and all in all tends to focus on delivering mild to heavy riffs in an incredibly atmospheric setting. You can call it progressive metal with a hint of ambience. ... more

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